Artist Information

This is our {festival ordinal} Annual Oconomowoc Festival of The Arts.  It is held on the beautiful shores of Fowler Lake in Fowler Park.

Detailed guidelines for registration:

  • This is a juried festival. All artists must apply through ZAPP. Registration fee is $40.00 and Booth Fee is $250.00. The deadline to apply is  {application deadline}.
  • On the weekend of the festival, registration begins {artist registration} at 5pm.  We will have all artists line up in their vehicles as they pull into the park.  You will register at that time. No walk ups. (No entry into the park before 5:00.) Saturday morning, registration is from 6 am to 8 am.  All artists not registered by 8 am will be considered "no shows" and will lose their spot in the festival.  All vehicles must be out of the park at 9:30 am.
  • Because of complaints from Artists, we will not allow walk in registration. Please drive your vehicle into the park's main entrance to register so that you can go right to your spot and set up.
  • You will receive artist packets at registration.
  • Only the artists who juries into the show will be allowed to register for the festival. We will ID those artists at registration. The listed artist must be at the festival for the entire festival displaying the juried style and quality of work. 
  • All booths are on the grass. 
  • Festival supplied booth signs will be put up on your tent Saturday morning on the top right front of the booth. These signs must remain up for the entire show. If removed the artist will not be judged. 
  • Artists must stay until the end of the day on Sunday. If you leave early you will not be allowed back into the festival for several years. 
  • Artists will be given a name badge - Please wear it for the duration of the show.
  • Our tax rate is 5.1%. We are not able to make change for you during the festival. Please see one of our many banks to help you prepare for this type of event.
  • The city park does not allow dogs. Please do not bring your dog.
  • As always, we have 2 new judges who choose the award winners. We award winners cash prizes in every category as well as Best of Show on Sunday.
  • The winners in all categories are announced at a wonderful picnic buffet dinner party held at a private home on Lac La Belle Saturday evening.

Oconomowoc Community Information

city of oconomowoc
ocon chamber of commerce

Artist Housing

Please do not apply for housing until you have paid for your booth fee.

The Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts offers private housing on Friday and Saturday nights with local residents through our "Adopt-An-Artist" program for our participating artists.

If you choose this option, you will receive notification in early summer with the name and contact info for your host family.

As these are private residences, we request that you do not ask them to accommodate pets and inquire first about children.

Because of a continued threat of the virus, in order to be accepted for Adopt an Artist (free housing), we are requiring the Artists and their guests be vaccinated for Covid 19.


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